Types of Security Cameras

Understanding San Diego Surveillance Installation

When it comes to selecting the right type of security camera for your property, it can seem like there are far too many options to choose from. The good news is that Silverstrand Technologies, Inc. is here to help you wade through the selection process and install the best possible option for your needs. We offer the most sophisticated software programs, a comprehensive range of camera options and accessories, and professional installation services! You can come to our San Diego surveillance contractors for assistance with every step of the process.

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What type of camera is right for my property?

While installing surveillance cameras may seem straightforward, it is important that you understand your options and select a camera style that fits your goals and preferences. Our San Diego security camera installation team can helpyou determine which surveillance system is the perfect fit for your needs.

We can work with you to help determine the best option:

  • Hidden/discreet cameras: Can be very covert, appearing to be different objects, camouflaged, or placed in discreet locations, allowing them to catch more discreet actions.
  • Dome cameras: Are placed in unobtrusive, dome-shaped housing. They may be used to both catch thieves and reassure customers. They can allow for tilting, panning, and zooming.
  • Bullet cameras: Are typically wall or ceiling-mounted and used indoors (some outdoor use). They are designed to primarily capture images from a fixed area, with minimal movement.
  • Infrared/night vision cameras: Can provide images in pitch black conditions using IR LEDs. This may be ideal for facilities that need around-the-clock security and monitoring.
  • Day or night cameras: Can be used 24/7 for varying light conditions, adjusting to glares, sunlight, and strong backlights. They are ideal for outdoor areas, such as parking lots.
  • Varifocal cameras: Can be very helpful, allowing an operator to zoom in or out while still maintaining focus on the image. This can be important in cases where verification is needed.

In addition, there are also various network/IP cameras and wireless cameras that can transmit images over the internet. The bandwidth will often be compressed to make it manageable. These types of cameras are easier to install than traditional analog cameras, as they do not require any cable or additional power to send images over long distances. You may also prefer camera feed to be in high-definition. While not typically needed for general lcoations, then can be very beneficial for niche markets, such as casinos and other industries that may require extreme clarity.

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If you have questions on the type of security camera that may be best for your business, facility, or office needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to Silverstrand Technologies, Inc. We offer exceptional quality security camera systems to clients in San Diego and beyond.

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