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When it comes to your home, having powerful technology straddles the line between luxury and necessity. People need high-quality, dependable WiFi solutions these days, on top of the security needs our homeowners have always had. Silverstrand Technologies are seasoned experts when it comes to providing premium-quality and affordable security camera and surveillance system solutions for homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County.

Whether you need to beef up your WiFi or install a residential surveillance system in San Diego, Silverstrand Technologies, Inc. can help. Call (619) 732-0628 today!

Reliable Technology Services For Your Home

Since 2007, clients have been turning to Silverstrand Technologies because we provide the most dependable results and skilled, trustworthy technology contractors in San Diego and Orange County. Our past clients include large companies and organizations like San Diego International Airport, the U.S. Marine Corps (both at Twentynine Palms and Pendleton), and Presidio of Monterey Army Base.

Our residential Surveillance System services include:

What are the benefits of surveillance cameras?

It wasn't too long ago that having video surveillance installed in your own home was seen as a paranoid or drastic endeavor. But, today it's weird when you don't have some form of video surveillance in your house. Below are a few of the benefits of having this equipment installed in your home.

  • Deters Criminals - With having an outdoor camera installed in your drive way. If a criminal spots your camera, they will most likely leave and not cause any trouble. But, if you are a victim to burglary, your cameras can help capture the criminals and return the things they stole.
  • Check Pets - If you leave your pets at home alone, having a camera installed in your home can allow you to check in on your pets to make sure they are doing well.
  • Insurance Benefits - If you have been burgled, you may have to file and insurance claim. With a security camera in play, you can easily document what was stolen or vandalized during the burglary.

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When you’re looking for a company to handle your security or technology needs, give Silverstrand Technologies a call. We are more than happy to visit your home and give you a detailed estimate of what your needs with require, how much it will cost, and the time it will take. Our experienced project managers will ensure that your installation is handled smoothly and efficiently. Not only do we provide quality San Diego residential surveillance systems, but we do it quickly. We're also highly reviewed by past clients. When our clients call us, it’s because they want peace of mind, a stress-free process, and the industry’s best results.

Call today or contact us online to request a free estimate. We are proud to serve homes with high-quality technology solutions and residential surveillance systems in San Diego, CA!