Security Camera Monitoring

Security Camera Monitoring

Ideal Way to Protect Your Property in San Diego

As the owner or operator of a large commercial structure, complex, or property, you have a unique and difficult responsibility: protecting the entire site from criminal activity. You could hire a security guard company to patrol the area each night for anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. But do you really trust an untrained “guard” with nothing but a flashlight to take his job seriously? Even if they do, can they actually watch all corners of your property at once and effectively deter crime? Unlikely.

Bring your security protocols into the 21st century with Silverstrand Technologies and our security camera monitoring services. We use the latest technology to give you a better security experience for your commercial property. Using specialized security cameras equipped with advanced software, we can spot criminals on and around your property, driving them away with the immediate threat of a police presence.

Our security camera monitoring service is great for all types of commercial properties, such as:

  • Offices
  • Strip malls
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centers
  • Housing complexes
  • And more!

Get control of your property again with real, innovative security measures installed and maintained by our surveillance system experts. Silverstrand Technologies is headquartered in San Diego, but we assist clients across Southern California.

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How Does Our Security Camera Monitoring Service Work?

When you decide it is time to upgrade your security protocols for your commercial property, a security expert from Silverstrand can come out to your property to walk it with you. We will identify areas that are most vulnerable to potential criminal threats, like burglary, vandalism, etc. In these spaces, we’ll install security cameras with audio and microphone capabilities to give you “eyes and ears” wherever needed. In addition to security cameras & CCTV's, we also provide thermal imaging!

Key locations to monitor with our San Diego security cameras may include:

  • Front door
  • Emergency exits
  • Windows in isolated areas
  • Dumpsters
  • Corners
  • Alleyways

The Security Camera Monitoring Process

Silverstrand will watch the security cameras overnight. If movement is detected on the cameras, the smart software installed in the cameras assesses what it is seeing in real-time. This helps prevent false alarms caused by random movement, such as a cat or raccoon wandering near your property’s dumpsters. If the software does identify a potential thief or suspicious movement, we are notified and a representative is patched through immediately to a live feed from the camera or cameras.

Your representative is tasked with further assessing the situation and reacting as appropriate. If a criminal is on your property, then they will call local law enforcement at once. In the meantime, they can also use the camera’s microphone to announce to the criminal that they have been spotted and the police are on the way. Most criminals are scared straight by such an overwhelming and instantaneous security presence and will choose to flee the scene before causing damage or stealing anything. We will continue to watch your property remotely until police arrive and verify the location is secure.

Unbeatable Benefits with Remote Security Monitoring

  • Comprehensive: Our San Diego surveillance system professionals from Silverstrand help you locate any and all vulnerable positions on your commercial property and place a security camera there. With all spots covered at all times, you get a much more comprehensive coverage than any patrolling guard could offer.
  • Remote: The remote technology eliminates the need of putting a live guard on your property, who would be put at risk of bodily harm if a criminal arrives. Silverstrand Technologies is making security safer for everyone, including guards!
  • Rapid: The smart technology installed in the specialized security cameras patch into the nearest security hub as soon as a criminal threat is identified. Response times are much faster than a live security guard can provide, who would need to run over to investigate a strange noise or occurrence, see what is going on, radio for help, and so forth. In a fraction of the time, our security cameras can get the police to your property.
  • Affordable: Your company can also save big on security measures when you use our security camera monitoring services. For just $150 a camera per month on average, you can utilize this elite service. To put it into perspective, you could install and monitor more than 30 cameras around your commercial property for the average cost of hiring a security guard.

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Each night your commercial property is unmonitored by our security cameras is a night that invites criminals to do their worst. Stop giving them a chance by contacting our San Diego security camera monitoring service specialists today. We offer a variety of other security technology services that can be effectively partnered with a newly installed security camera system. Learn all about them by dialing (619) 732-0628 now. Take a look at our specials as well as our 5 star reviews!

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