The Santee Gate-Greaser: Friend or Foe?


Over the weekend, San Diego's Channel 7 and Channel 10 News shared a story about a man who visited Sky Ranch neighborhood homes in Santee, CA, and our very own Jeremy Johnson shared his insight.

At first glance, it might not seem like much of a story—a man in work clothes and a sunhat walks up to the side-gate of each home and greases the hinges. The team at Channel 7 called him the “gate greaser”—but they also questioned his motives. Jeremy Johnson, Santee resident and owner of Silverstrand Technologies, Inc., provided insight into what the man may have actually been up to.

You can check out the Channel 7 article here.

Warning Signs of a Home Break-In

As Mr. Johnson explained, there was nothing particularly menacing about the gate greaser. By all appearances, he’s not doing anything wrong or illegal. But with almost a decade of experience in security and surveillance, homeowner Jeremy Johnson says it’s typical to find this kind of behavior in the days that lead up to a home break-in.

The Silverstrand Technologies, Inc. home security system caught the man’s movements on camera. He arrives unannounced, during a time when most Sky Ranch residents are at work. With a rag and a can of WD-40, he approaches gates to backyards and checks each hinge.

Upon seeing this behavior, Johnson’s first instinct is that the gate greaser was casing the properties. By going to each entry-point of the home besides the front door, the gate-greaser can see inside the property. Johnson filed a trespassing report, but he believes there's nothing to be afraid of.

Awareness is Key

In situations like this, awareness is the most important thing. Soon after word got out about the gate greaser, community members shared information via Facebook to ensure that other Sky Ranch residents knew about the potential threat to their property and had the opportunity to take precautionary measures. With the man’s description shared throughout community and members on high alert, it will prove a bit more difficult for a would-be thief to attempt a home break-in at the Sky Ranch community in Santee.

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